Friday, November 11, 2011

How do I make jello shots with Bacardi 151?

I'm making jello shots for a Halloween party and need to make some with Bacardi 151. I know the higher alcohol content can make them not solidify so I need a recipe (that works!) for basic jello shots with 151. No fancy stuff for this one. That's for the other batches!

Thanks!|||here this is just what you need....

go to the tells you how to make perfect party jello shots using bacardi 151...|||nice video!

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|||It is not the higher alcohol content that keeps them from solidifying, it is the amount of cold liquid used. Only use up to the 2 cups. So if you want them strong use 1 cup water and 1 cup 151. If you want them weaker, use 1.5 cups water and .5 cup 151. Also remember to let the jello cool to room temp before adding 151 otherwise it will evaporate.|||I would use for each small package of jello. Use 1 cup cold

1 cup of hot and 1cup of Bacardi this will give you about 24-30

shots and there not as strong. If you make them to strong some people will not take them. How ever if you would like them strong I would go 1 cup hot and 1 cup of Bacardi gives you about 12-17 jello shots

Good luck to ya|||you might try using a little less 151 than what is called for on the box (water). Also, a little trick, spray your cups with pam before you fill them, this will make sure the shots slide out easy and whole.|||It's been a while since I have made those, but I believe the box requires 2 cups of water, so you substitute one cup of water for one cup of vodka or rum. You can substitute more depending on how strong you want them.|||here ya go hopefully this helps!!

2 packages Jello brand gelatin

1 envelope Knox unflavored gelatin

2 cups boiling water

1 cup of Bacardi 151


Boil the water.

Slowly stir in the Knox gelatin.

Slowly stir in the Jello.

Allow to cool to approximately room temperature.

Add the alcohol.

Pour into a 9"x9" baking pan.

Chill till Jello sets. Uh... that's chill the Jello till it sets, not "sit back and chill" till the Jello sets.

Slice the Jello into cubes, turn your car keys over to somebody else, and enjoy!|||Use all the hot water called for in the recipe and replace 1/2 of the cold water with the alcohol. This can work with any liquor. The higher the proof on the bottle, the stronger the shots. Try mixing a schnapps batch up for the wussies.

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