Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where can i get bacardi limon rum in uk?

i went on hol to spain recently and i discovered the off licences there stock bacardi rum in flavours of coconut, raspberry, vanilla, apple, orange and lemon! the lemon flavour sounds good so any idea where i can get them in uk? |||i dont understand undertand here in NY theres a liqur store bout on every corner to get what you want from underage girls to hardcore drugs juts got to have the connnections lol

Is it okay to take shots of Bacardi Mojito raspberry flavor?

I don't have any money to go buy sodas or anything so do you think I could just drink it. I do have iced tea though, but thats super sweet too. I am of legal drinking age. 23. But I don't have a lot of experiance drinking.|||That's fine, just think about how much you would drink if it was mixed, as it's easy to drink more when it Isn't. It's very strong so try to eat in between!|||Taking shots will knock the hell out of your kidneys and liver.

Leave it alone.|||Don't drink too much

What flavour bacardi breezers are there?

Don't just give me websites to go to, can you just tell me the flavours please?|||Jamaican Passion, Lime, Cranberry and Orange :)|||water maneln

What drinks can I make with Bacardi Gold?

I just need something that will taste good with Gold. Now, I already know about Rum and Coke, I am just feeling for something different. Any suggestions?|||you can use gold for anything you can use rum in:

mojitos, daquaries, etc... the color might be a little "off" but personally i avoid the clear spirits as i find them too harsh.

Have any of you seen a Bacardi ad featuring a girl with a tattoo on her back?

I found it in a magazine %26amp; ripped the page out but I lost it. I absolutely love the tattoo she had on her back %26amp; I want it but now I can't really remember what it looks like.|||The link below was the only one I could find. It's just the bacardi symbol.


Hope this helps.

What would 4 fl oz of bacardi superior mixed with 7 up do to me?

I'm female, 100 lbs. I was just wondering if it would have any effect on me or not.|||Yeah, you will get tipsy. 4 oz of hard liquor is considered 4 servings.|||you may get a little bit of a head buzz of of that|||That's like one drink. Why not go risky and drink Bacardi 151?|||Probably get you a buzz, maybe a little tipsy since you are a lightweight.|||If you don't drink often, you'll probably get kind of drunk off that.|||it might give you a little buzz|||it sounds like you are too young to drink it anyways|||everybody is different, if you have to ask you should stick to 2 fl oz.|||It will get you drunk. 1 shot = 1 ounce

4 oz. rum = 4 shots|||well...alcohol have some kind of effect on everyone. really your weight has nothing to do with your tolerence, dont let anyone else say otherwise. it all depends on how often and how much you consume. im guessing you dont drink since you have to ask. so...4 oz is about a shot or two, and a shot or two for someone who doesn't drink...i would say you will feel slightly drunk.|||If you're not a drinker, I would not drink 4oz of rum in one drink. You will get buzzed and when you walk outside, probably feel drunk when it hits.|||Probably put you on your butt, lower your inhibitions to the point that you may do something you would not do if sober, such as allow photos to be taken that if they got on the net would embarrass you and your family for the rest of your life. You might get pregnant or wake up next to someone you do not know. There is enough alcohol in that drink to get you legally drunk in my state, Kentucky where the legal limit is .08%.

You might kill someone while behind the wheel.

You will definitely feel bad when you wake up, and if you are alcoholic, you will have found out that you are allergic to alcohol and cannot stop every time you drink. there will be times that you will be unable to stop even if you plan on it.|||normally a drink is made with 1 oz of liquor so 4 oz of liquor is equall to 4 drinks . .what would 4 drinks do for you ???|||it will make it so that some guy can take advanage of you.

1959 bottle of bacardi blanco, how much do you think its worth?

I found an unopened bottle of 1959 Ron Bacardi superior rum. the bottle is printed completely in Spanish and has the word 'blanco' written across the top. what is the rarity of this and could you tell me any additional information about it? thanks!|||That depends how it was stored, was it kept out of the sun and kept cool. Sunlight and warmth can ruin alcohol over a period.|||It might have value to a Bacardi collector, or an old bottle collector, but the value of the rum is the same as current market price. Spirits do not improve with age once they are bottled.